A house in Omihachiman: Sixteen perambulations

Fabian Hammerl

Project description

The artist book 'A house in Omihachiman: Sixteen perambulations’ is my first book of my own. It consists of a selection of 16 photographs and a text by Christopher Sand-Iversen and was hand-bound by Claudia Eschborn.

The book is the result of a somewhat circuitous process which, I have come to suspect, is an accurate reflection of my inner creative apparatus, but which I always distrust a little because of its incalculability.

The sixteen photographs in the book are part of my extensive archive of images from Japan. Some belong to the long-term series 'Things As They', others were taken while working as a still photographer for a film production.

For a competition entry on the theme of 'information' I had originally put together twelve works, and I liked the compilation so much that I used it, supplemented by four more pictures, to create a book layout, which I put aside for the time being.

Some time later I came across the word 'perambulations' in a completely different context. When I looked up its meaning and origin, it was clear that a component of the book's title had been found.

In collaboration with the bookbinder and photographer Claudia Eschborn, the outer form of the book and the way in which the text was bound emerged.

I have been in artistic dialogue with Christopher Sand-Iversen for a long time, and his text takes the photographs as an occasion for a free essayistic reflection on the possibility of veracity in photographic works, divergent narratives and the difference between 'evidence' and 'testimony'.

For exhibitions (and now the book) I often put together smaller spin-off series from the archive; de- and re-contextualising my photographs, opening up the work to interpretation by other artists, a generally essayistic, multi-perspective approach reflects my somewhat volatile position between documentary and fictional storytelling.


Born 1971 in Hamburg


  • Muthesius Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Kiel | 2000 Abschluss Diplom-Fotodesigner

(FH)Selected projects and exhibitions

  • 2020 Buchveröffentlichung ‘A house in Omihachiman: Sixteen Perambulations‘
  • 2020 Projektstipendium ‘Kunst kennt keinen Shutdown‘ der Hamburger Kulturstiftung
  • 2020 Gruppenausstellungen ‘h::eilig‘ & ‘beobACHTEN‘, xpon-art gallery, Hamburg
  • 2020 ‘stayathome.photography‘, ein weltweiter visueller Dialog zwischen Photographen während des lockdowns (mit dem japanischen Photographen Shun Kataoka)
  • 2019 Gruppenausstellung ‘Open Exhibition‘, Hiju Gallery, Osaka, Japan
  • 2019 Gruppenausstellung ‘Utopie und Un-Raum‘, Atelierhaus Breite Strasse (Teil von ‘Zeitgleich – Zeitzeichen’ des BBK Deutschland)
  • 2019 Einzelausstellung ‘Midnight Sento‘, Nanagei, The 7th Art Theatre, Osaka Japan
  • 2019 1-monatige Residency, The Blend Art Exchange Program, Osaka, Japan, (gefördert durch die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg)
  • 2019 Ausstellung und workshop ‘Street Art Season II‘ auf Einladung des Almost Four Art Space Chengdu, China (gefördert durch das Deutsche Generalkonsulat in Chengdu)
  • 2019 Gruppenausstellung‘A Xerox Show‘, Hart Club London
  • 2019 Gruppenausstellung ‘With or Without the Sun: essay-film and the image of Japan‘, Enfants Art Space
  • 2019 Buchveröffentlichung ‘Seoul Photography’ (Mug Publishing South Korea)
  • 2019 1-monatige Residency und Ausstellung ‘How Close is Here?‘, Almost Four Art Space, Chengdu, China (gefördert durch IFA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
  • 2018/2019 3-monatige Residency, The Blend Art Exchange Program, Osaka / Japan, (gefördert durch die Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan und die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg
  • Residency-Ausstellungen ‘The Sound of Things As They‘/‘AIHANSURU‘/‘None Asunder‘
  • 2018 Gruppenausstellung ‘Between or Border‘, Photoville New York
  • 2018 Gruppenausstellung ‘Xerox and Destroy‘, Doomed Gallery London
  • 2018 Gruppenausstellung ‘Protest hat viele Formen‘, Kunsthaus Hamburg.
  • 2018 Einzelausstellung ‘Things as They‘ , Kyotographie/KG+, Kyoto, Japan (gefördert durch die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg)
  • 2018 Gruppenausstellung ‘With or Without the Sun, Chris Marker, the film-essay, and the meeting with Japan‘, SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen
  • 2016 Vorträge und Workshops am Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts und der Shanghai Art & Design Academy
  • 2015 Deutsch-chinesischer Künstleraustausch ‘Interchange and Commentary III‘ Hamburg, Ausstellungen bei ‘artville’ und im ‘Frappant’, Hamburg
  • 2015 -2017 Gruppenausstellungen ‘Kleine Formate’, Atelierhaus Breite Strasse, Hamburg.
  • 2014 Deutsch-chinesischer Künstleraustausch ‘Can I ask you a personal question‘, Ausstellung im Art Museum of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China
  • 2014 Künstlerbuch ‘Photographs 2013‘ (mit Silke Storjohann und Kathrine Uldbaek-Nielsen), Ausstellung bei AKIKO, Hamburg
  • 2012 – 2015 jährliche Gruppenausstellungen ‘Open Ateliers‘, Atelierhaus Breite Strasse, Hamburg


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