Jens Masmann

Project description

The work "Cornucopia" was created during the Corona Lockdown and, against this background, deals with the themes of abundance, beauty and (involuntary) reduction.

At a moment when one seems cut off from the fullness of the surrounding world, diversity can only arise from the private, from the collected substrate.

Beauty as a concept is closely interwoven with the clichéd idea of photography. Besides the desire to create memories, showing paradisiacal beauty is one of the great motivations for taking a picture.

How is beauty defined? Is there a universally valid conception of what is beautiful, what is ugly? Are abundance and superabundance positive phenomena? Where does kitsch begin?

In the course of my work, I would like to answer some of these questions for myself.



1995 degree at Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign München

1996-98 freelancing photographer in London

from 1998 freelancing photographer in Munich

2013 cofounder of artist‘s collective „million books“

2014-18 lecturer for photography at University for Applied Sciences Augsburg

2016 artist‘s residency in Lisbon with the „flaneur - new urban narratives“ project, funded by EU and UNESCO

2017-18 lecturer for photography at University for Applied Sciences Munich

2018 lecture and workshop at London South Bank University

2019 2 lectures at University for Applied Sciences Augsburg


1997 Reinhart-Wolf-Preis 1996, Kunstgewerbe-Museum Hamburg, group exhibition

1999 Claudia Stein, Büro für Fotografie Stuttgart, solo exhibition

1999 „photography now“, Büro für Fotografie in Berlin, group exhibition

2000 „Lehrjahre-Lichtjahre“, 148 photographersn from 100 years of Munich Photoschool, group exhibition at Stadtmuseum München, with catalogue published by Schirmer Mosel

2000 Galerie Marquardt, Munich, group exhibition

2001 „photography now - Plattform für neue Fotografie“, group show at Praterinsel Munich

2003 „street photography“, Hochhaus der Dresdner Bank, Galerie im 30. OG, Frankfurt am Main, group exhibition

2015 publicationn „l nd n“, launched at Vienna Photobook Festival and at Polycopies Festival Paris

2016 „flâneur - new urban narratives“ exhibition in collaboration with Sonia Hamza, Praça Principe Real, Lisbon

2017 „Bilder der Überwachung“ group exhibition, Stadtmuseum Munich

2017 „flâneur - new urban narratives“, group exhibition at Format Festival Derby UK

2017 Polycopies Paris: launch of the publication „Az.X/1613/80“

2018 „L ND N“, solo exhibition at Borough Road Gallery London

2019 Unseen Amsterdam, launch of „The Harvest“


Stadtmuseum München

Dresdner Bank collection

The Tate Photobook Collection, curated by Martin Parr

Fotomuseum Winterthur photobook collection


Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 849296