Georg Strobl

Project description

Lockdown - Staying at home, only shopping and exercise in nature is allowed. No more social contacts, no meeting friends, no hugs, no physical contact. I live alone, what do I do all day now? So the question is, how can I occupy myself without staring at the TV or sleeping all day? First goal, survive. But just survive, buy toilet paper and watch the news? No, that doesn't work either. I only have myself, me, the most important person in my life. Maybe I should occupy myself with myself, explore myself, find my innermost, explore my self?

In this photo series, I have captured my encounters with myself in a humorous way, but also in their gravity and significance, because this relationship that everyone has with themselves has its ups and downs. It often makes us smile, sometimes cry, maybe even reach our limits, but it always asks us the question: Who am I?

The series started in Lockdown with the photo "Chess" and the text "Isolation part1 - We're fine, I won" that I put on Facebook. So each photo also has a short text, in the photo book, which I wanted to send you as a PDF, the idea comes into its own a little better.


Georg Strobl was born in Salzburg in 1983.

The artist has always been interested in art, and in 2013 he discovered photography, which was to become one of his greatest passions from then on. After his training as a media designer, he graduated from the Prague Photo School, where he was able to deepen his view of the essential once again.

In addition to the areas of advertising and architectural photography, photographing abandoned places and buildings also crystallised as a passion. With these pictures, he wants to depict the transience of existence and renewal.


Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 849296