Foto Buch „UNTITLED 2020“

Margarita Keller & Veronika Dirnhofer 


The project-artist book is a mixture of vernacular analog photography of 11
ordinary families from Graz and Vienna, who document their self-isolation period during the
COVID-19 pandemic. Two artists Veronika Dirnhofer and Margarita Keller distributed compact
points and shoot analog cameras and asked people to observe their life for 2 weeks.
The project aims to explore the issue of creativity in terms of forced circumstances, how
the slowdown that we all face can influence people with different backgrounds, ages, and various
living conditions. Besides collaboration with other people, the artists also took part in this
experiment by sharing their very personal experiences during the isolation. They question
identity formation and fragmentary perception of the body and mind, mixing ceramics and
photography media.
Such a social collaboration also opens the possibility to cross boundaries in the
perception of art in ordinary life, which sometimes seems quite far, disrupted from each other,
when art could be taken like something confusing, untouchable, or supreme. This book blurs the
boundaries between things we used to call art and non-artistic perspective. It visually
contemplates and shares different stories, pushing forward all the outlooks and serves as a
documental archive of vague, vital, or even crucial periods in people’s lives.

“In the spring of 2020, many of us found ourselves spending much more time at home than ever before. This new and unavoidable situation let us reevaluate the importance of our surroundings and people in it. And, while being under the lockdown the view to inside and outside at 360⁰ angle was discovered by many staying in the same situation. Thus giving us a possibility to understand and record these moments from new or very different perspectives.
Captured by people themselves, this documentation of their surroundings during the recent lockdown becomes preservation of a historical period of time, which most of us are starting to forget”.
Justina Špeirokaitė
August, 2020


Margarita Keller (Marharyta Muzyka) (geb. 1994, Ukraine) ist eine in Österreich lebende
bildende Künstlerin. 2018 schloss Keller ihr Studium an der Polytechnischen Universität
St. Petersburg in Russland an der Fakultät für Asienforschung ab. Fernab von ihrem
akademischen Hintergrund in chinesischer Sprache weit entfernt, hat sie sich in der individuellen künstlerischen Praxis innerhalb der visuellen Medien niedergelassen, die es erlaubt,
zeitgenössische Themen zu beobachten und mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Die wichtigsten Kunstund Forschungsarbeiten befassen sich mit der Verbindung zwischen Menschheit und Natur,
Sterblichkeit,geistige und körperliche Transformationen, post-sowjetischen Auswirkungen,
exponierter Schönheit, Selbstwahrnehmung und der Vielfalt von Lebensstilen.

Sep 17.-23. 2020 QM&A Gruppenausstellung, Wien, Dessous Galerie (von Flüchtlinge Willkommen Österreich und Improper Walls Kulturplattform)- Fotobuch-Präsentation „UNTITLED 2020“
Jul 18. – Sep 20 2020 Noorderlicht international Photo Festival, Niederlande
Jul 2020 Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, Wien
Nov 2019 „Ping Pong #2“ Solo mit Agnes Prammer, Wien (Female photographers Gallery mit Unterstützung von SHIFT Wiener Kulturförderung)
Nächste Ausstellungen
Jan 8. – Feb 3. 2021 Photo Graz 020. Biennale der steirischen Fotokunst

Publikationen, Fotobücher
– „Ping Pong. at the slightest touch“, 60 Seiten
– „UNTITLED 2020“, 144 Seiten

– Bad to the bone Mag (Paris)
– PERJUSMAG (New York)
– C-Heads Magazine (Österreich)
– Lesnouveauxriches Mag (Wien)
– YUGEN MAG (London)
– KALTBLUT Magazine (Berlin)
– LADIES DRAWING CLÜB ISSUE#6 (Russland, Sankt-Petersburg)


Veronika Dirnhofer is an Austrian artist mostly working in drawing, painting and ceramics. She is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Drawing department.

In 2015 she started a weekly drawing course for refugees with a group of supporters on a voluntary basis. For more than 4 years they have been meeting regularly to experience not only a new way of communication through the method of drawing and recently also dancing, but also to be supported when arriving in a new home by creating a relationship, a space for meetings and exchange. More:

About her art, Veronika says: „My paintings became more and more abstract, but my actions became more and more concrete. Maybe I don’t need the projection surface of the image anymore, although the image production is still at the end. But as something resistant, wild, free.“ (From the interview with Claudia Voit)