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Jan Hasenauer

Architecture of Loss

i have a problem called nostalgia and i don’t like it. whenever it comes, i just feel like something is screwing me over. that’s why i have to act.
The way to cure my nostalgia is anachronism. For me, this means tearing events and moments out of their seemingly secure embedding in time and re-contextualising them. For me, this happens when I create new pairs through formal aesthetic characteristics, and new narrative gestures develop that uproot the original photo and the personal and emotional aspects it brings with it.
So I am more concerned with the presentation than with the photography in this project and I search a lot and am certainly dependent on help.
photography is always there and is for me not only a documentary but rather a searching-perceiving, a groping, act. i work less on themes, rather i have developed rules that shape my gaze, my empathy and my pictorial listening; i only photograph with 50mm focal length and analogue (- so everything that happens in my personal work is analogue with a Leica M6). (I also work irregularly in the field of reproduction photography and reportage on assignments with a 5d mk IV… just sayin).
yes, let’s talk about it, shall we?!


born 1993, in Zell am See, AUT
2010 Matura, Federal Upper Secondary School (Nonntal), Salzburg
2011 Supervisor and assistant teacher at Monetssori primary school, Hernau near Salzburg
2012 Factory worker at Carbo-Tech Mubea Salzburg
2014 Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Art Therapy Education
2015 Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Fine Arts – first painting with Prof Andreas Orosz, then with Prof Reisch, then sculpture with Prof Jochen Breme, Prof Paul Petry
2019 B.F.A. with honours, with Prof. Paul Petry and Dr. Prof. Wolf-Urlich Klünker, Alanus University, Alfter near BonnCURRENTLY;
2020 Appointment as master student with Prof. Jochen Breme AND Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences