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Jens Masmann


The work “Cornucopia” was created during the Corona lockdown and deals with the themes of abundance, beauty and (involuntary) reduction.
At a moment when one seems cut off from the fullness of the surrounding world, diversity can only arise from the private, from the collected substrate.
Beauty as a concept is closely interwoven with the clichéd idea of photography. Besides the desire to create memories, showing paradisiacal beauty is one of the great motivations for taking a picture.
How is beauty defined? Is there a universally valid conception of what is beautiful, what is ugly? Are abundance and superabundance positive phenomena? Where does kitsch begin?
In the course of my work, I would like to answer some of these questions for myself.


1995 degree at Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign München
1996-98 freelancing photographer in London
from 1998 freelancing photographer in Munich
2013 cofounder of artist‘s collective „million books“
2014-18 lecturer for photography at University for Applied Sciences Augsburg
2016 artist‘s residency in Lisbon with the „flaneur – new urban narratives“ project, funded by EU and UNESCO
2017-18 lecturer for photography at University for Applied Sciences Munich
2018 lecture and workshop at London South Bank University
2019 2 lectures at University for Applied Sciences Augsburg