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Roxana Rios


FIGURE, FORM examines relationships between body and function, identity and attribute within photographic portraits and in the exchange of participants.
Part one of FIGURE, FORM concerns identity processes as a afab, read as female, Trans-Woman*, FLINT* — person, within the binary and thus internalized environment. In the first part I deal with depictions of FLINT * people within a series of portraits.
The work arises from a need for representation, exchange and taking up space. FIGURE, FORM wants to open a space, both literally and pictorially, in order to develop a visual language, as well as an independnet imagepool.
A central approach of the work is to question and deny attributions and developing them further. FLINT* bodies and persons are especially pervaded and sexualized by social expectations and ideas. In my work I deal with underrepresentation of FLINT* persons within the visual canon as well as their instrumentalisation. the first series of pictures develops and presents forms of emancipation, empowerment and process.
Weiter ist mein Anliegen, queer-feministische Perspektiven zu formulieren, zu repräsentieren und Raum in Anspruch zu nehmen. An den Ecken der Normative zu sägen, Räume zu öffnen – nicht separat sondern intersektionell zu denken.
The work understands itself as a meeting point, exchangeroom and testing ground – aims to stay dynamic, grow and learn.
2020 — ONGOING intended as large format slide-projections (photo & text) on several channels in combination with a publication.


Roxana Rios currently works and lives in Leipzig and Nuremberg, Germany. She was born in Hanover, Germany in 1994.
seit 2017 – Doppelstudium an der HGB-Leipzig & AdBK-Nürnberg

AdBK (Academy of Fine Arts) Nuremberg
since 2019 class of Katja Eydel
17 – 19 Klasse von Juergen Teller

since 2014
HGB (Academy of Fine Arts) Leipzig
since 2018 class of Heidi Specker
17 – 18 Klasse Tina Bara

since 2012
Part of curatorial team at Fuchsbau Festival Hanover