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Michael Giefing


After a very carefree childhood, Michael Giefing knew less and less about his hometown in southern Lower Austria. Freedom became blandness, and at the latest after moving to Vienna, he recognised the lovelessness and lifelessness of this place – which nevertheless also hides beauty and love in some places. (Quote from Thomas Bernhard)


Michael Giefing (*1996) grew up in Grimmenstein in southern Lower Austria. After eight years of private Catholic school with a focus on natural sciences, he studied biomedical analytics at the FH Wiener Neustadt.
While writing the thesis, something inside him bristled at the impending professional routine. So he applied for the Graphische’s photography protocol and found out the day before the defensio that he had been accepted. There he began to understand what photography offered him: An intense exploration of subjects close to his heart.
Besides life in the countryside, these are of course also the Catholic Church or our daily routine. He will continue his photographic development from October at the University of Applied Arts in the Applied Photography class.