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Fritz Enzo Kargl

I hate Zingst – It’s beautiful

This work was not created for, but against something: against the common practice of travelling to a place and perceiving it only through the filter of postcards and travel guides.
This defiant approach developed into an independent and intimate engagement with the landscape and her own body.
All photos were taken during a stay in Zingst.
A radio shutter release was used for self-portraits.


Fritz Enzo Kargl was born in Vienna in 1999 and grew up there.
After graduating from a secondary school, he spent two months in Australia in 2017. During this time, he learned to appreciate just going out with a camera and seeing what happens.
At the College of Photography at the Graphische in Vienna, he acquired the basic technical knowledge and was provided with the necessary resources to experiment with it.
Since this training, Fritz Kargl has always been on the lookout for a balance between conceptual thinking and feeling-oriented work.
A recurring theme in his work is the investigation of the human body and its relationship to its environment.
He will continue his experiments at the University of Applied Arts in the class for applied photography from October 2020.