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Simon Grissemann, Ricarda Moser


The “Kakteenfreunde” are an Austrian club of over 80 cacti collectors who meet every first Friday of the month in an inn to share their passion. In the course of our documentary photo project, we visit members of this group to capture this love for cacti on the one hand, but also to show the social relationships within the club. The average age is 75 years. Coffee, cake and cacti are hospitably offered to us at each visit. The association’s summer party is held in August, and that is also the last day we photograph for this project. The goal is to compile the work in a photo book.


Simon Grissemann and Ricarda Moser are both students at the FH Salzburg and met during their studies through their common interest in photography. The Kakteenfreunde is their first project together. Ricarda prefers to deal with graphic design and layout in the creative field. Simon convinces with perfectionism and attention to detail, which shows in his work in the field of design and photography. Both are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree in communication design in the MultiMediaArt program.