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Brisilda Bufi


Brisilda Bufi’s diploma thesis “Lebenswelt” is about a personal process and an intensive engagement with photography. The motif itself should guide the design. An identity process where the boundaries are shifted by two observation perspectives (outside and inside). At the centre of this work are the “in-between zones, in-between spaces and the invisible/visible borders” of the merging of cultures as well as the exploration of one’s own culturally hybrid view of the world. This will be achieved through the use of different photographic parameters, perspectives and styles. Through this blending, the relationship between the visible and the invisible will be scrutinised, creating spaces and zones in between. The own identity as a cultural border crosser should be articulated and reflected.


Brisilda Bufi, born on 28 May 1991 and raised in Tirana, Albania, lives in Graz and has been studying Information Design at FH JOANNEUM since October 2022. She completed the evening college for Fine Art Photography and Multimedia Art at the Ortweinschule Graz in 2021.