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Magdalena Heller

Mind Map

In July 2019, Magdalena Heller had the opportunity to work artistically in Timisoara, Romania, thanks to the AIR scholarship from the City of Salzburg. This resulted in the series “Mind Map”. The series documents a journey of discovery into the subconscious.Old, dilapidated houses form the backdrop, while a girl in colourful make-up wanders through the labyrinth of old rooms. In the process, she encounters her mirror image, which does not seem to notice the decay around her.On her journey, she encounters madness and is confronted with a society in which otherness becomes a problem in a way that has not been seen for a long time.


Magdalena Heller, student and artist, lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.
Magdalena Heller (*1993) is an Austrian artist.She is currently studying to become a teacher of visual education and philosophy – psychology at the Mozarteum University Salzburg and the Paris Lodron University Salzburg.Her artistic work is dominated by the techniques of painting and photography.The thematic focus of her artistic work is on virtual worlds, social media, escaping reality as well as (youth) subcultures and feminism.
Magdalena Heller has already presented her work in several national and international exhibitions. She has also received the AIR scholarship for Timisoara, Romania 2019 and for Varanasi, India 2020.