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Peter Rieser


The series “ob-da-ich” is dedicated to the ambivalent topic of one’s own identity and origin. The focus is on photographically designed images that do without role models, exaggeration, clichés or romanticisation of the rural.
My work deals with the question of what home is and what it would like to represent by giving insight into the everyday of a place. The space depicted in this way is placed in new relations to itself as well as to the claim of the concept of home, which is already occupied in many ways today.
Only the absence and distance from this living space, which has always been considered home, opens up the possibility of encountering this social construct with an unclarified gaze and, through the considered use of photographic parameters in a long-term preoccupation with this theme, of creating a subjective pictorial journey.
This work was created as part of the diploma thesis at the Ortwein School of Photography under the supervision of Erwin Polanc. It includes an examination of sequencing, book design and subsequent printing, based on the photographic part of the work presented here.


I was born in 1991 in Judenburg in the Murtal and grew up – not far from there – in a small village in the countryside. In 2017 I moved to Graz to study at the Ortweinschule for Fine Art Photography and Multimedia Art. I completed this this year and have since been working as a freelance photographer alongside my studies in art history.
Since August of this year, I have been working as a project assistant for Magnum photographer Chien-Chi Chang and am working with him on an audiovisual artist’s contribution for the Styrian provincial exhibition “STEIERMARK SCHAU”, which will take place in 2021.
In addition, together with other photographers, I am currently trying to found a photo studio that will serve both as a workplace for my own work and as a meeting place for photography, offering space for discussions on the image as a perceptual phenomenon and supporting the exchange of the Graz and Styrian photography scene.
Parts of my work presented here have recently been exhibited in group exhibitions in the gallery of the Graz City Hall and the Designforum Steiermark. Possible solo exhibitions of the work are currently being discussed.