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Curti Mauro



Riturné is an exploration of the inner self through a return to one’s own home town.
The province of Cuneo in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, which one sees with new eyes after having lived outside the country for many years. The need to establish a new connection with it.
A study of the relationship between people and territory, one’s own personal conflicts, the idea of family and belonging. Is the reality in which I grew up, with its places, people and beliefs.
Everyday and ordinary life in a creative process influenced by being outside and exploring my own environment, without geopolitical borders.
Memory, absence, home. What is gone and what will disappear sooner or later.
Riturné (Come Back in Piedmontese) is an attempt to maintain a living link with a past that becomes history.
Freezing small fragments before they melt, because everything is ephemeral.


Born in a small village in Piedmont, Bene Vagienna, province of Cuneo, Italy. Self-taught photographer. After several jobs in different sectors, he completed a basic course in photography before leaving Italy to embark on a journey of knowledge and research centred on the practice of using the photographic medium, which took him through a large part of Central and South America over several years.
He settled in Buenos Aires in 2015, where he deepened his photographic studies and approached analogue photography. In 2017 he returned to Europe, where he had been living for the last few years. At the end of 2019, he returned to Bene Vagienna and began working on the Volver project. He currently lives in Madrid and has won a scholarship for a Masters in Artistic and Documentary Photography at the TAI University of the Arts.