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Studio Likeness

Saaten ohne Grenzen

Neophytes introduced from faraway countries are causing a heated debate between two strongly polarised camps. On the one hand, they are advocated because they green up fallow land and compact the undergrowth. On the other hand, their massive proliferation is seen as a threat to native plants and animal species.
Besides the fear of displacement and extinction of local flora and fauna, neophytes also represent an opportunity in the fight against climate change. Because they grow quickly and thrive even in difficult conditions, they could make a positive contribution to the temperature regulation of cities.
The issue of rapid and worldwide spread is more topical than ever. Fortunately, in this plant form, the spread is comparatively harmless.
Through the juxtaposition of print and real plant, their reproduction is visually thematised. The series celebrates their beauty, strength and fertility, aesthetically questioning the menace of these plant immigrants.


Studio Likeness is a multidisciplinary creative duo focusing on narrative still life and photographic illustration.
Julia Classen and Magdalena Lepka are visual designers who draw on their technical expertise in photography, fashion design and craft, as well as their theoretical training in art and design history.
Since 2013, they have been creating visual worlds together that cross the boundaries of photography and illustration, sculpture and set design. Their focus is on the narrative staging of objects. In doing so, they create spaces from materials as diverse as paper, wood, fabric and found objects from nature.
They implement editorial contributions for magazines such as SZ-Magazin, AD, Wallpaper* and Spiegel Wissen (among others), in which they narrate products and immaterial topics in the form of images. Their commercial clients include international design companies such as Vitra, Thonet, Marc O’Polo and FREITAG.
In addition to commissioned works, freelance projects play a major role for the duo.
Since 2017, they have been working on the theme of plants and nature, as well as their changes and challenges. Whether it is a commercial assignment or a freelance work, the experimental process that leads them from concept development to the final photographic result is essential to their way of working.