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Adrienn Józan

Summer Cancelled

It’s the summer of 2020 and I’m coughing a lot. I go from doctor to doctor, the diagnosis is uncertain. One day I end up in hospital and a series of tests await me in the intensive care unit. It turns out that I have lymphoma and my chemotherapy starts immediately. In this disease, a group of white blood cells begin to behave like cancer cells; they grow and divide uncontrollably in the lymph nodes. I try to come to terms with this insidious disease, in sterile hospital rooms, isolated from the outside world.
The treatments weaken me: I have neither the strength nor the will to take photos. When the chemotherapy is over, I feel better. I reach for my camera to take photos again, but my thoughts still revolve around the events of the last six months. With the help of photography, I try to tell what has happened to me and how I am recovering. Summer Cancelled (2021-ongoing)


Adrienn Józan (born 1988) is a Hungarian photographer whose work is characterised by a diary-like approach: she draws the themes of her photo series from her own life. She mainly photographs herself and her immediate surroundings, with recurring themes of identity, kinship and regionally specific circumstances.
Her work has been exhibited in several group exhibitions throughout Europe. She received the Hungarian National Cultural Fund Scholarship twice (2019, 2021) and was selected for the Fresh Eyes Talent Programme founded by GUP magazine in 2020. Since 2021 she is represented by Frenchman Gallery from Amsterdam.