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Philip Tsetinis

Unknown Polyphenism

The project entitled “Unknown Polyphenism” uses a thought experiment to investigate how future evolutionary adaptations could affect a subsequent generation. Changes, both in technical terms and in society as a whole, sometimes take place in large steps, but usually many future developments change our daily lives almost imperceptibly and slowly.

The series, composed of nine photographic stagings, hypothetically provides individual fragmentary insights into how a subsequent generation would adapt to future developments through ‘adaptive plasticity’, a phenomenon of polyphenism. I use the term polyphenism in my project as a ‘theoretical tool’ to be able to analyze and structure imagined transformation processes in terms of thought and content. I capture these views conceived by me in photographic snapshots in the form of a ‘constructive episodic simulation’ of the future.

The aesthetics of the film still, used as a teaser, allows for artistic freedom in the photographic staging, which is particularly characterized by the multitude of possible associations.
The photo, conceived as a teaser, presents the greatest possible openness to interpretation, in which the snapshot can be interpreted in both a utopian and a dystopian direction.


Philip Tsetinis, born 1993 / Austria, works from Vienna / AUT
Mag.Art in photography and time-based mediaat the University of Applied Arts, Vienna