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Martina Lajczak

What is true on the Inside might as well be true on the Outside

If light hits light-sensitive material unintentionally and uncontrollably, things can appear that were not intended for the viewer. If this happens during the photographic development process, various disturbing factors can appear on the carrier material: streaks and impurities, overexposure or underexposure, some colours can appear more intense than others.
Through the unintentional manipulation of analogue negatives, these keywords were applied to photographs of the Austrian Paralments building during the ongoing renovation process. The results are alienated photographs that not only show a factual state of (political) disorder, but are also intended to convey the symbolic character of demolition and upheaval. The images for this series were selected from material photographed during regular visits to the parliament building (thanks to a cooperation between the University of Applied Arts and the Parliament Directorate) between the years 2017-2021.

What is true on the Inside might as well be true on the Outside // 2017-2021


Martina Lajczak (*1990) is a Vienna-based photographer who completed her Master’s degree in Applied Photography and Time-based Media at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2020. Her work is mainly characterised by aspects of daily life and her immediate surroundings. Lajczak tries to show the otherwise invisible and immanent sides of everyday life in interaction with the photographic process itself. While her commissioned projects focus mainly on portraits, her personal work encompasses a variety of photographic genres and media, including still life and documentary photography as well as digital and analogue photographic techniques. Recurring themes: Subcultures & music, relationships, concepts of memory, political activism and flowers. As an artist, Martina Lajczak has exhibited at various venues in Austria and internationally, taught at the photography department of the HfBK Dresden and has recently been published in three photo books by De Gruyter and POOL Publishing.