Gospel of Identity

Moses Omeogo

Project description

In my documentary-photographic project "Gospel of Identity" I deal with Afro-German identity. It is the search for something formless, driven by the desire to exchange and learn from each other.
For this work, different protagonists will be portrayed who grew up as Afro-Germans from the 1st generation in Germany. In addition to photographs, videos and texts will support the work in order to be able to present experiences more precisely.
The images uploaded in this frame were taken in the last 2 months.


Moses Omeogo (*1997) is a german-nigerian photographer living in Hamburg. He has worked as an editor and photographer for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and graduated at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in 2021. Most of his projects are documentary in nature. However, he does not shy away from exploring other mediums, such as collage and wants to explore different avenues which can enhance his next projects. While working on his project Pandoras Algorithm, Moses started to question how a dialogue between science and society could be established. During that time he had the opportunity to write an essay about how methods of science can be part of the artistic practice, which will be published in 2022. His newest project Gospel of Identity, reflects about the african-german experience and brings together various individuals and their experiences. Moses is part of the masterclass at Ostkreuzschule Berlin and has been appointed as a jury member for the German Youth Photography Award from 2022 - 2024.



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